What is Eyebrow Lamination?

Eyebrow lamination is an innovative treatment that allows your eyebrows to achieve the desired shape and appearance. This process involves a special treatment where eyebrow hairs are set in the proper direction and fixed in place, thus maintaining the desired shape long-term.

Why is eyebrow lamination so popular?

Eyebrow lamination is highly popular because it enhances the fullness, thickness, and groomed look of eyebrows without the need for eyebrow tattooing or microblading. A well-done treatment results in natural yet striking eyebrows that accentuate facial beauty. The procedure is ideal for shaping, enhancing, and improving the appearance of eyebrows, which is why it has become widely adopted worldwide.

At-Home vs. Salon Eyebrow Lamination

At-home eyebrow lamination involves kits or products readily available. These are generally simpler and suitable for shaping that lasts a few hours, making them less durable than lamination procedures performed in beauty salons. Moreover, achieving the same precision at home as an experienced professional can provide is more challenging.

During salon lamination, professionals use specialized products and techniques. These products are often stronger and more effective than those designed for at-home use, resulting in longer-lasting and more effective outcomes. Furthermore, the expert advice and procedures provided by estheticians can lead to more efficient, beautiful, and enduring results compared to attempting this at home.


  1. Preparation: The eyebrow area is thoroughly cleaned and degreased.
  2. Shaping: Eyebrow hairs are aligned in the desired direction and treated with a special formula to preserve the desired shape.
  3. Lamination: A laminating cream is applied to the eyebrow hairs, helping to strengthen and maintain the shape.
  4. Fixation: Finally, a fixing cream is used on the eyebrows to preserve the shape and hold.
  5. Tinting and Shaping: If desired, eyebrows can be tinted with permanent dye or shaped with wax or tweezers for a more dramatic effect.


  • Avoid wetting your eyebrows: Avoid getting your eyebrows wet for a few days after treatment.
  • Avoid hot baths or saunas: High temperatures and humidity can damage freshly laminated eyebrows, so avoid these activities for at least 24-48 hours after treatment.
  • Minimize touching: Avoid unnecessary touching, rubbing, or combing of your eyebrows for at least 24 hours after treatment.
  • Use eyebrow shaping serum: There are many nourishing eyebrow serums available that can help maintain the health and hydration of eyebrow hairs.
  • Consult your esthetician: If you have any questions or concerns about post-treatment care, do not hesitate to ask your esthetician. They are happy to help and provide advice on eyebrow lamination aftercare.


  1. Damages eyebrow hairs: In fact, lamination can help strengthen and condition eyebrow hairs, improving their appearance and health.
  2. Only for thick eyebrows: While the effect may be more pronounced on thicker eyebrows, eyebrow lamination can be applied to all types of eyebrows, including thinner or sparser hairs.
  3. Not long-lasting: With proper care and aftercare, the effects of eyebrow lamination can last up to 6-7 weeks, sometimes even longer.
  4. Painful or uncomfortable: Eyebrow lamination is generally not a painful or uncomfortable process.

Eyebrow lamination is an effective and popular method for shaping and enhancing the appearance of eyebrows. Despite various misconceptions, it is a safe and effective treatment in capable hands. If you’re looking to refresh your eyebrow appearance and bring out their full potential, trying eyebrow lamination may achieve the full, well-defined look you desire.